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Joel is Aboriginal. His people are the Barundji / Barkindji from the Riverine Region of the lower Darling River in New South Wales.

Joel’s aunt, Sos Hawkins, creates the artwork for the Ride for Joel kits.

2019 Ride for Joel Kit

The white feather was used traditionally by the Barundji / Barkindji people as a means to offer safe travel.In her 2019 artwork, Sos has used the white feather as a means to offer safe travel to cyclists.

Blue was chosen for the background design as it was Joel’s favourite colour.The white feather symbolises our mission for every road user to complete their journey safely.

2018 Ride for Joel Kit

The artwork illustrates the journey that Chris Savage set out on in March 2018 to honour Joel Hawkins and to launch The White Bike Foundation.

The circles represent each significant town or city Chris rode through (Dromana-Merton-Bendigo-Monaro Hwy-Canberra), paying his respects to Joel, Scotty Peoples, Jason Lowndes and Mike Hall along the way. The lines joining each circle are the travel lines.

The background of the artwork represents the paddocks, fields and the rolling hills that he passed through.

20-22 Ride for Joel Kit

Joel’s favourite colour was blue, so we chose a hi-vis blue for our 2020 jersey.The artwork on the jersey is about Joel’s aboriginal heritage, created by artist Sos Hawkins (Joel’s Aunt).

It depicts the Darling River where Joel’s grandmother, Elsie, was born. Elsie is of the Barundji/Barkindji people from the Riverine Region of the Lower Darling River in NSW.

About the Artist

Sos Hawkins was born in 1963 in Urana, New South Wales. She is the ninth child of Elsie Black and Ted Hawkins. Sos lives in Jerilderie, New South Wales. Sos has always been interested in art. As a young child she watched her mother paint emu eggs and wooden artefacts.

She started to paint on canvas in her early twenties and also dabbled in emu eggs and wooden artefacts. Sos had her own business designing and making ceramics and art for seven years. She was also published in ceramic and pottery magazines for her Aboriginal designs. Sos likes to use colour and has collaborated with her mother in large ochre paintings which have sold around the world. Contact Sos here.

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